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Our Technology

Our email supplier has developed a world-class network enabling us to offer an outstanding Service Level Agreement including:

  • At least 99% availability
  • Excellent site performance because we monitor server and network usage and increase capacity when any node reaches 50% average utilization

We can deliver this service level because we have built a state of the art network architecture that is:


  • Our servers are configured in fault tolerant clusters so that if any machine fails it doesn't cause a service outage. Our equipment is collocated at AboveNet, an extremely reliable server hosting facility with clean, super cooled cages and a power plant on site.
  • We monitor our network 24/7 so that we know about problems immediately and can get them fixed before they get noticed.


  • We use load-balancing technology that lets us increase capacity quickly by adding readily available servers to existing clusters.
  • Our server hosting facility has nearly 20 Gbps capacity allowing us to rapidly increase our bandwidth to 100Mbps or more. That's the equivalent of nearly 3500 simultaneous 28.8 connections.
  • 24/7 network and system monitoring allows us to increase capacity before the site gets slow.


  • We have installed remote console access and power switching so that our engineers can resolve difficult problems without going to the collocation center.
  • All critical systems are fault tolerant, allowing us to deal with equipment failures during regular maintenance hours rather than when the failure occurs.


  • We use packet filtering so that only customer traffic and secure systems administrator traffic via ssh is allowed into the network.
  • All servers are given private, unroutable IP addresses and are only available through specific address translations in the load balancing device.

This network has been built by a team of internet infrastructure specialists led by Kevin Criqui. As our Director of Internet Operations, Kevin brings over 10 years of engineering expe rience to this service. He has been involved in the design and operation of large internet sites for companies including InterNex (now owned by Concentric Networks), SegaSoft, Prio Networks,, 24/7 Media, and ZixIt Corp.

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